How Video Entertainment Started

Video didn’t necessarily start where many people think it did.  It wasn’t a hug red carpet event that thousands of people traveled from around the world to see.  In fact, what could be considered the first movie wasn’t even meant for entertainment purposes.  Like many inventions, it was something created as a tool meant to answer a scientific question.  This question, in particular, being about how a horse runs, and whether or not all four of a horse’s hooves are ever at any point entirely off of the ground at the same time.

It may not seem like a very important question, but it was something that many horse owners argued over.  Just like any argument, they eventually had to find conclusive evidence that settled the matter for good.

You may find it hard enough to believe today, but it was over one hundred years ago that this happened.  It was in the form of “stop motion,” and was done using multiple photos taken with many photo cameras that were pieced together to appear like one moving picture.  It was commissioned by a California senator who was a well-known horse owner, and who later founded Stanford University. Continue reading “How Video Entertainment Started”